Spring In Winter

It is unseasonably Warm this weekend allowing for the installation of roof trim and J rail on the trailer


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I think the rear roof to back wall transition came out the best.  I trimmed the sheet aluminum that overlapped the back wall by 3" so that it rolled over the back edge and 2" down the back wall.  The transition is simple.  The aluminum roof sheet is sealed on the back with window and door chalk then a J rail is screwed in place over the seam.  The J rail is a rain gutter and it will catch the rain falling over the back of the trailer and dump it off each side.  The J rail had to be done in 3 sections as the door is higher then the rest of the back wall

sidetrimcrop.jpg (389760 bytes)

Here is a shot before the roof was trimmed.  I am fitting the roof to side wall trim.  The leg on these trim sections are only 1".  I really could have used them at like 2.5" but that was not available.  I am also installing the marker lights as I make my way around the outside of the trailer.  Its kind of surreal doing exterior trailer work in 60 degree weather in late January

roof complete.jpg (488539 bytes)

The completed back end of the trailer roof.  The seams between aluminum sheet metal is sealed with the aluminum trim and the roof edge is sealed to the sidewall with trim caps.  The backend of the roof rolls over the back wall and spills into a "J" rail rain gutter.  Overall very professional results.  You can see some ripples in the sheet metal around the roof vent.  This was caused by the sheet being pulled up and folded over in high winds before I had a chance to secure it.   (lesson learned) .

window trim.jpg (450630 bytes)

The window is treated with a "J" rail rain gutter and aluminum trim sections.  I have to restock the trim to complete the bottom of the window frame.  This should help with that leak as well as the roof cap above the window.   The very front of the trailer will require some water proofing attention and I have some ideas about using "J" rail to channel rain away from the roof seam.

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