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This is an awesome easy way to "Burn-Out" stumps

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This is a 1.25ft diameter pine stump.  Stump-be-gone would take well over a year to start breaking this stump down.  Burning it out with a fire is messy and takes a long time.  My last stump took 20 camp fires to burn down 1ft under ground.  Here is a killer way to burn out your stumps using a bit of ingenuity.



1- The design just came to me.  Drill a 1" hole 6" deep into the center of the stump

2- Drill 2 or 4 1/4" holes that start from the outside of the stump and drill up and to the center. 3 of the holes should

penetrate the 1" bore 2" above the bottom of the bore. the last hole should bore right through the bottom of the 1" hole.

3- plug the bottom 1/4" hole and fill with a few ounces of gasoline or kerosene. Let sit for 1hr

4- Light the 1" hole (BE CAREFUL)

5- Slip the chimney stack over it.

furn2.jpg (92950 bytes)

The upper air holes in the bottom of the stump draw in fresh air.   The flame burns above the gas pool at the bottom drawing hot gas vapors up from the pool of fuel.  The sides of the 1" hole super heat and sustain the burn.   The result is much like any furnace.  The fresh air is being pulled in at a rapid pace because the chimney stack accelerates the rising gases.  I get a kick out of the fact that the vent holes backfire bursts of flame as the wind circulates around the stump :)


furn3.jpg (106763 bytes)


I am not done with this project but my expectation is that with just a few hours of burning the stump from the inside it should break down.  I might need to repeat the process a bit lower on the stump depending on how far down the stump furnace burns.  as the furnace burns it is consuming the stump from the inside out yet the 1" bore stays intact for most of the burn as the hot ash around the hole keeps the shape and maintains the air exchange that drives this system.  If you want to accelerate the process even more you can pump in fresh air with a compressor.  If your a Freak like me you might try pumping in air/fuel mix.

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