How was this thing built?


Simple and basic construction using 1x3 studs and 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 inch plywood.  Everything is "Screwed and Glued" a method I thought was my own but come to find that this is a common construction Practice..  When you secure a piece of plywood or 1x3 that has been covered in "liquid Nails" Construction adhesive with drywall screws you create a bond much stronger then any bolt method possible.  The 2 pieces of wood will not come apart without busting up the wood itself.  It a freaking brick wall..... If you doubt this try building a square box using this method then try a sledge hammer to get is apart again.  Good luck with that :)


DSC_0028 copy.jpg (380811 bytes)

From the inside

outside construction.jpg (760493 bytes)

From the outside


Early Rear Profile Drawing

trailer rear profile.JPG (196706 bytes)

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