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Kasperwing.com is a non profit website.   All of the services on this site are provided free.  Please visit our sponsors links when navigating the kasperwing site.


Original Mission statement

Dated 2001

 *** Kasperwing.com is owned and operated by Kasperwing owners who want to share information regarding the kasperwing Ultralight and the sport of ultralight flying.   Since Cascade Ultralight has been out of business for many years now, people who have purchased used Kasperwing's have had a hard time acquiring information and specifications on their Ultralight.  This site is dedicated to providing as much detailed information as possible without infringing on the copyright laws that cover the original shop manual, pilots manual, or promo material from Cascade Ultralight.  If you are a kasperwing owner and find any of the information found on this website to be incorrect or not accurate please email the webmaster for this site immediately.  All suggestions and input are reviewed and corrections are made on a weekly basis.   Please help to make this "The Site" for Kasperwing info.  ****

2009 Statment

By Christopher Utter

*** Coming soon because I have to sleep now


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Our Email address is  Skacutter at Kasperwing dot com